Some Interesting facts about Shimla – The Queen of Hills

SHIMLA ! On hearing the name of Shimla , my mind goes straight towards the Mountains and most important the Beauty . Shimla is called the queen of hills because for it’s Beauty and the mountains in the backdrop join with the ancient temples and most important the people – the lovely people which make Shimla probably one of the best hill stations in India .

Shimla - The Queen of Hills
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Shimla is known for his beauty, nature, and ancient monuments as well as for adventure. I thought It’s the most mind blowing place to be in India. The air is sweet , most healthy and refreshing and if you look up from your garden seat, you see the covering of a cottage.

Why choose Shimla – The queen of hills ?

Shimla ( the word itself bring images of fresh wind, of breathtaking mountains, snowfall and nature in her best form ) is a capital city of Himachal Pradesh . This magnificent hill station is surround by Mandi, Kullu and Kinnaur, which are also dazzling places to visit.

When I went to Shimla , OH MY GOD ! I Enjoyed it so much and what the beauty was there under the mountain . My vacation at Shimla filled with fun , excitement and frolic in the laps of nature. Although it is a summer destination, visiting Shimla during winter will be utterly exciting since the whole city turns pristine white with snowfall.

Shimla Snowfall
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Best Places To Visit In Shimla – The Queen of Hills

I have fond memories of Shimla Trip ! I have listed some of best place you should go when you visit Shimla or i can say that the Tourists Attractions . These are : –


Mall Road is the most universal spot and largest shopping centre of Shimla. It is more or less the centre of all activity here and runs as town’s life preserver. Most Importantly The Mall Road is the HEART OF THE CITY .

Mall Road, Shimla
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LOCATION : Mall Road , Shimla , Himachal Pradseh , 171001, India TIMINGS : 9:00 AM To 9:00 PM FAMOUS FOR : Shopping & food

Why mall road is called the heart of the city ? Any idea ? Nah ! I can tell you because the place itself brings peace and most importantly everyone knows that people make a place , places not made people . In Mall Road , there are a lot of popular showrooms , local shops , good quality restaurant , fast food , bakeries as well as one can see some really good Handicraft Emporium .

THE RIDGE – Epicentre in Shimla

If you are going Shimla in Summer than this place is famous for the summer festival held in April – May every year and i must say this summer festival is best in all because i guess you do not see this type of festival ever in your city .

The Ridge is the heart of all major cultural activities in Shimla .Easily attached to all other important spots in Shimla such as the Mall Road , The Scandal Point , and The Lakkar Bazaar. In the middle of many interesting spots along the Ridge , CHRIST CHURCH is the most well liked and also sometime the Ridge is also the perfect place for Shopping, Dinning, and Nightlife .

The Ridge, Shimla

TIMINGS : 8:00 AM To 6:00 PM BEST FOR : Summer Festival

SUMMER HILL – Breathtaking Views

MY GOD ! What a beautiful place is Summer Hill . I think if you came to Shimla and didn’t came to Summer Hills than i guess you didn’t see Shimla . This place, OH MY GOD ! Attracts Nature Explorer. It is located at the heights of 6500 feet from the famous ridge of Shimla . This Hill is covered by rich greenery that offers WONDERFUL VIEWS from the Top .

Summer Hill, Shimla
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TIMINGS : 6:00 AM To 6:00 PM PREFFERED BY : Nature Lovers , Photography , sight seeing ENTRY FEES : Free

KUFRI – Only For Adventurous People

ADVENTUROUS PERSON ! Thinking all the time adventure ? Don’t worry ! You are at the right place , Shimla is the right place to do an adventurous with your friends . KUFRI the name is very small but things or activities to do here is amazing. Kufri which means a water body or lake in the domestic language.

Kufri, Shimla
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When I go to Kufri the first think i do is paragliding My God what an experience it was not only it gives me a thrilling experience but also throws my fears away . I suggest you if you want to throw your fear or you love paragliding than you must come at kufri for a thrilling experience .

Paragliding, Shimla
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Kufri is one of the greatest place in India for adventure. Kufri popularly known as the winter sports metropolis . It offers some Fun , Excitements and some exciting winter sports SKIING and ICE SKATING .Things to do in kufri :- KUFRI NATIONAL PARK FAGU MAHASU PEAK KUFRI FUN WORLD PARAGLIDING

Fun World, Shimla
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TYPE OF PLACE : Adventure , Fun , Photography Timings : 9:00 AM To 6:00 PM BEST FOR : Skiing and Ice Skating , Paragliding

JAKHOO HILL – A Prehistoric Temple

Often when we go somewhere , we forgot to Thank God and most important it’s Shimla the Hilly terrain , Dangerous route , etc then it’s always possible to Thank God in such a situation and JAKHOO HILL , which is best place to Thank God . MY GOD ! What an amazing place it was so peaceful , loving , mind relax and you feel like you should just visit Paradise. Most Importantly , this place in Shimla is at the highest peak at a height of 8000 ft. , offering a magnificent view of the valley around.

It is a Primitive Temple visited by several Hindu believers all year round . This temple is loyal to God Hanuman .This Temple is a heaven for all the nature lovers and worshipper who come to view the ancient 108 feet tall Hanuman Statue at the Jakhu Temple. Jakhoo Hill is enclose with beautiful Alpine Trees. Once at the peak, enjoy the wonderful weather and cherish the stunning views of the Shivalik Mountain Range.

Jakhoo Temple, Shimla
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TIMINGS : 6:00 AM To 8:00 PM TYPE OF PLACE : Religious and Hilly BE AWARE OF : Monkeys as they can be threaten sometimes. BEST FOR : Hikiing or Trekking

ANNADALE – Real Nature

WOW ! What a beautiful place it was , my eyes just don’t wanna go from here because it’s Beauty or When you look around , everywhere you see it’s green in colour or we can say Real INDIA . Annadale is an glamorous green outing spot . This place is best for all the Golf Lovers people. Annadale is also known for its impressive beauty and is one of the best place to visit in Shimla in November. If you here than don’t forgot to check out the Annadale Army Heritage Museum , which add up between the main attractions of this location.

Annadale , Shimla
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TIMINGS : 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM BEST FOR : Golf


So , No photos for instagram / Facebook ? Don’t Worry ! This is Truly one of the best or I can say most beautiful place in Shimla. Seen as the popular shooting spot in diffrent Bollywood Movies, the Green Valley brings forth endless beauty . Most importantly if you came here at honeymoon than it’s the best place to visit . Green Valley is what we say is the Nature Paradise

Green Valley , Shimla
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TIMINGS : 6:00 AM To 6:30 PM TYPE OF PLACE : Sightseeing BEST FOR : Photography

TATTAPANI – Hot Water Springs

Getting Bored from walking or Mountains ? HUH ! Don”t worry this place is best suit for an fun , adventurous and excitement person , by the way i’m also an adventurous person and this place give me just wow, fun , and even excitement. I can’t describe you that how much fun i have had there in tattapani .

Tattapani , Shimla
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Tattapani is one of the best tourist places around Shimla . In Tattapani , there are different spots in this town, that will make for a unforgettable travel experience. Especially , When i go there first of all i take of my all clothes i mean not undergarments hahaha and suddenly i jump there in the hot water spring and you must guys astonished that tattapani is well known for its Hot Water Springs.

Hot Water Spring , Shimla
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In Tattapani , there are various glorious temples and you can also humor yourself in a number of Adventurous Activities like :- Rock Climbing River Rafting Trekking and Camping Mountain Biking

River Rafting , Shimla
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TIMINGS : 7:00 AM To 6:30 PM TYPE OF PLACE : Adventure , Fun and religious BEST FOR : River Rafting , Mountain Climbing , Adventure Seeker ENTRY FEES : Rs 1500 per head for a 12 km river trip

SO , in the end i would just like to say that my Shimla decision was one of my best decision i have ever made in my life and i suggest you that you should must visit Shimla. Especially in kufri and Tattapani , My God what an amazing place it was and if you are an adventurous person then i definitely suggest you that you must go for Shimla your holiday destination.

As you know , that Shimla is known for it’s lush green valley and amicable air around the city so i guess it must be perfect for those who just tired or couldn’t stand the crowd , heat , pollution and never ending rat race that’s synonymous with metros or tier 1/2 Indian cities .

Most Importantly , that i promised you that you should totally feel relaxed all your tired + stress life will be gone or you just forgot . So, start planning your trip and surrender to the call of the hills .

If you have any further questions regarding any whether it is related to trip or any question please feel free to ask in the comments section below .



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