7 haunted places in Rajasthan that makes your heart tremble

Picture is showing ghost places in rajasthan

Well ! As we all know that, rajasthan is famous for the royal history or rich culture. But along with having a good history, there are some places in rajasthan which are very secretive as well as as haunted.

Picture is showing haunted forest at rajasthan
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It is known to everyone where there is royal history, there are lot of secrets hidden there. The bigger the palace, the bigger are the secrets. Likewise in rajasthan, there are some places that makes your heart tremble.

If you consider yourself a player or if you have that power in your heart then only scroll down to experience the real ghost or paranormal activity at the 7 most haunted places in rajasthan that make you believe that ghosts really exist. These places are :-

Bhangarh Fort – Most spooky Fort

Basically, i thought everyone must be aware about bhangarh fort – the most haunted place in rajasthan and also famous for various paranormal activity. But, one think you don’t know about this place and that was the incident that took over me and i can’t even imagine this thing because no one is going to believe it.

Picture is showing bhangarh fort at rajasthan
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The most surprising thing is that, there is no entry after 6 pm or after sunset and also before sunrise because it was believe that the spooky incident took place during this time. Therefore, on listening these stupid things, i couldn’t believe it. So, me and one of my friend stayed here without anyone knowing.

Picture is showing the inside view of bhangarh fort at rajasthan
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Unfortunately, nearly about 8 pm me and my friend were taking pictures and 4 incident happened at bhangarh fort, rajasthan :-

  • sound of the bangles
  • suddenly women crying
  • women shouting
  • someone shadows
Picture is showing a ghost at bhangarh fort at rajasthan
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I was shocked to hear this and see this in front of my eyes because I don’t believe in this stupid thing but it still exist. When I went there to see if there was any, but I couldn’t find anyone there. In fact the tinkle sound of the bangles stopped and it seemed that there was no one here.

Picture is showing a temple at bhangarh fort at rajasthan
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LOCATION : Gola ka baas, Rajgarh Tehsil, Alwar, Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410 TIMINGS : 6:00 AM To 6:00 PM FOR : Daring people and Strong Heart e

Khuldhara Village : Cursed Land

Khuldhara Village is the also one of the most haunted place in rajasthan. Even no one believes in this but when the team of paranormal investigators came and detects and surprisingly that thing came out that no one had ever imagined.

Picture is showing khuldhara village at rajasthan
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When the paranomal investigator search kuldhara village, rajasthan. They found :-

  • voice of dead villager who also reveal their names
  • scratches on car
  • footprints on the mud
  • whosoever stay at night will vanished
Picture is showing houses in kuldhara village at rajasthan
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Basically, When I came to this area, I couldn’t see anything far and wide. Even I do not see any birds and there was silence all around and just the winds blows. But, one thing I noticed here is that :-

  • This village is protecting by some power or something weird. Strange ! But true.
  • When you’re here, you’ll feel like something is calling you or someone is following you.
  • when you are near the temple you’ll feel as if nothing was there and you’ll be completely relaxed, sounds filmy but true.
Picture is showing temple in kuldhara village at rajasthan
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LOCATION : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan TIMINGS : 24 Hours SAFETY : Don’t spend night here

Rana Kumbha Palace : Ghost Rider

When you read this heading, I think you’ll be surprise or thinking that it’s scam because i used ghost rider in this. Ghost rider is not the one who is in the movie or whom do you think it was, but it’s a lady ghost with a burnt face asking for help in this palace.

Picture is showing rana kumbha palace at rajasthan
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Rana kumbha palace is also one of the most haunted place in rajasthan, where you can see a ghost in night. Since, many incident have been witnessed and because of this most people avoid it.

According to some paranormal investigators at rana kumbha palace, rajasthan :-

  • At night, they heard some voice asking some help to save their empire by crying and shouting.
  • They found a lady ghost when they search where the voice came from.
  • It was believed that it’s a good ghost who’s asking for help but whosoever see her they got goosebumps and ran away.
  • According to some locals, Whoever tries to tampers with the palace or tries to change it then the ghost will not leave him/her.
Picture is showing ghost in rana kumbha palace at rajasthan
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Talking about myself, to be honest I didn’t go in this palace because many incident have been witnessed. When I went there, I saw that the government had already banned this palace because it was already evening and it was forbidden to come here at night or after sunset in the evening. So I had to leave.

Picture is showing rana kumbha palace at rajasthan
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LOCATION : Chittogarh Fort Village, Chittorgah, Rajasthan TIMINGS : 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM SAFETY : Don’t be there after 7 PM

Jagatpura : Famous for Witches

Have you ever heard that a human and a witches live together ? Strange Nah ! But true. In fact, jagatpura is a very beautiful place and a famous tourists attraction but despite of that it’s the most haunted place ever in rajasthan.

Picture is showing a witch at jagatpura at rajasthan
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It was about 10:00 pm that night and I was staying in my hotel, so when I was peeping from my balcony, I noticed a strange thing that I can’t believe and it was a witch who was roaming on a road with a loose hair and a white dress just like in movies we see.

According to some locals of jaipur, rajasthan :-

  • Witches can be seen in late night only or after sunset.
  • Witches ain’t do anything until you tease.
  • It was believe that, these witches want help from people and especially from tourists.
Picture is showing jagatpura forest at rajasthan
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LOCATION : Jaipur, Rajasthan TIMINGS : 24 Hours SAFETY : Be aware here

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace

Soldier ! Whenever we hear this word, our heart swells with joy and moves towards full respect. But, have you ever heard that a soldier is a ghost ? Nah or Never ! But this is true. In brij raj bhavan palace, where it’s a mansion and now it’s a hotel which is haunted by a spirit of an English soldier.

Picture is showing brij raj bhavan palace at rajasthan
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Well, Kota is famous for education and beautiful city with seven wonder of park but who knows that it’s also one of the most haunted place in kota, rajasthan. The elevated mansion is now a devise hotel which is haunted by the spirit of an English soldier. 

When I reached brij raj bhavan palace, rajasthan. I Found : –

  • No spooky incident ever happened with me on this hotel.
  • Second thing, I have never felt any spiritual feeling that it really exist like I felt in bhangarh fort.
  • Thirdly and most important some said that this ghost or spirit have a habit to hit the security guard but when I see this I never felt it happens to them.
Picture is showing hotel room of brij raj bhavan palace at rajasthan
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So, according to me, I never saw anything here or haven’t feel about something spooky here. I recommend that it’s a beautiful palace and you must visit here at least once and most important thing about this hotel is that there is a lake here where you can see a beautiful view from this palace or window that you feel great and calm your mind completely.

Picture is showing brij raj bhavan palace at rajasthan
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LOCATION : Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel, Civil Lines, Nayapura, Kota, rajasthan, 324001 TIMING : 24 Hours

Nahargarh Fort : King who never die

We all know that, ancient love story is true love story who came from heart and whenever some lover said that he can do this for you then he really shows it, no matter whatever happens but he will do it. Likewise, same story described here. A King who never died for her love and even today he is still protecting this fort.

Picture is showing Nahargarh fort at rajasthan
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Whenever the government tries to renovate or tries to do some alteration in the fort than there is definitely an accident happens and most of the workers had reported about the spooky incident whenever they tries to work.

According to some locals at nahargarh fort, rajasthan :-

  • When the laborers came to repair the fort, there was something spooky incident happens.
  • When the laborers tried to work forcefully, they were mysteriously killed.
  • It was said that the head of laborer found dead mysteriously in the house and never ever someone know how he dead.
Picture is showing laborers working at nahargah fort at rajasthan
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LOCATION : Jaipur, rajasthan TIMINGS : 10:00 AM To 6:00 PM

Jaipur Highway : Lady ghost

Well, everyone must be aware of highway incident and every day something happens on the highway whether it’s an accident or a strange incident but it must happens and especially during nights. Moreover, same as on Delhi – Jaipur highways where you can meet a ghost or spirit roaming on a road at night and everyday some incident always happens

Picture is showing NH-48, rajasthan
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This highway is famous or reported as one the most spooky incident by some travel or locals. Some believe that the highway gets haunted at night and people passing through this road have had some similar experiences.

Delhi-Jaipur highway, rajasthan spooky incident :-

  • Most of the people see a lady wearing red sari and bangles.
  • Some says that whenever we passes through this road we doesn’t feel okay some worst feeling always there.
  • Many heard about the weird sound and always have some negative energy.
  • Some locals said that the traveler car unnecessarily goes bad without any reason.
Picture is showing a lady ghost at NH-48, rajasthan
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LOCATION : NH – 48 , rajasthan TIMINGS : 24 Hours

So, In the end I would just like to say that if you’re brave enough to see or hear this scariest things than only you can visit these places otherwise it’s not a joke because even the paranormal investigator also tell us to stay away from such place and even the government has banned to visit these places after sunset and before sunrise .

If you want me to write or share my experience about these kind of things than do tell me and if you know of more such hidden places in rajasthan than do share them in the comment section.



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